Weekly Wrap Up: Becoming a Better BA, Why Usability Studies Save Money, and What It’s Like in an End User’s Shoes

There are so many great resources online to help you continue to learn, grow, and challenge the way you do things. I read quite a few other business analyst blogs…so every week I’ll post a Weekly Wrap Up of a some of the articles I’ve come across to help introduce you to some of these great resources.

How to Become a Better Business Analyst (bridging-the-gap.com)

In this article, Laura Brandenburg talks about the incremental learning we can do to become better BAs. I’m a learning “junkie” and I sign up for free and low-cost webinars whenever I can, read various blogs, and try and learn from others. Another great way to continue to learn is to get a mentor. (I’m developing a virtual mentoring program for just this reason. More info coming soon!)

Expedia on how one extra data field can cost $12m (silicon.com)

A great case study to remind us to ask “why”. This is also an example of why taking the time (and money) to invest in usability studies is worthwhile. I worked in an organization once with a dedicated usability team and watched behind the two-way mirror as “people off the street” were asked to use a prototype that we were developing for an online application. You’d be surprised (really!) at what an “average” person thinks and does that will cause you to rethink what and why you’re asking for certain information.

Happy Halloween: Do you know what it feels like to be in your end user’s shoes? (modernanalyst.com)

I love Modern Analyst’s cartoons. It helps to bring a little humor into our world and give us the comic relief we sometimes desperately need. Last week’s Halloween post still makes me chuckle, but also reminds us not to forget to put ourselves in our end user’s shoes.

What articles have you read around the web this week that you’d like to share? Come on! I know there is a lot of great content out there. Whatcha’ got?

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