Stakeholder or Steakholder?

This week I wrapped up my 7-part series on Engaging Project Stakeholders. In the course of writing that series, I consistently spelled “stakeholders” incorrectly (thank goodness for spell check) and shared a tweet about it:

Why does my brain always want to spell stakeholders "steakholders"? An no, it's not just because I live in TX. LOL #baot

I received the following clever response from @pmgandhi:

@pmgandhi reponse: maybe that's the right way to think of them. Is your steakholder management rare, medium or well done?

And this got me thinking how to leverage this analogy as we perform our stakeholder analysis.

Tweet:  Ah...interesting perspective. And each steakholder type prefers a different level of done-ness.

As we’re identifying who our various “steakholders” are, we should consider how much time and attention they need to be “done”.

  • Is it better to cook on high heat and cook well done? Are their feet in the fire? This might be analogous to more detailed information, more frequently, all the way to the end of the project; or that they are responsible for delivering at least part of the project.
  • Should the heat be dropped to medium high and only cooked to medium? Maybe they are active in every meeting and are subject matter experts, but are mainly reviewers and approvers.
  • Or maybe they prefer to be rare? Keep them updated with status, but don’t smother them with the heat of too many details.

Maybe my brain was subconsciously trying to deliver this message to me, and it took @pmgandhi‘s outside perspective to help make sense of it all. (Another reason why we should collaborate and learn from each other every chance we get.) 🙂

Does this analogy work for you? Do different stakeholders require a specific level of done-ness?

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