Business Analyst Websites

Looking for even more information? There is a lot of great content on the Internet and I wanted to share some of the sites that I personally read regularly. You’ll see some of their posts featured in my Weekly Wrap Ups, but in case you want more, check them out!

Free/Low-Cost Webinars

I’m also including links to some of the education providers that offer free or low-cost webinars, which is a great way to get some cost-effective training. I’ve only included providers if I’ve personally attended at least one of their webinars and felt like it was worth the time. Unfortunately, not all free/low-cost webinars are valuable. You sometimes get what you pay for. (Please note that I do not have any relationship with any of these education providers other than I have attended at least one of their sessions. The IIBA has a list of Endorsed Education Providers that you can also refer to in order to find additional training opportunities.)