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Real World BA™ is meant to be a resource for all things business analysis – whether you’re just starting out as a business analyst, you manage BA’s, or you’ve been doing this for a while and just want some tips and tricks. It leverages more than a decade of my personal experience and takes time to put together for you.

And yes, I need to include a few policies and disclaimers so that you are aware of how I intend to operate this blog. Most of this should be pretty straight forward, but by taking the time to put all of these policies together, I hope it’s proof that I take this blog seriously and want to insure that my rights (and yours) are protected.

Please familiarize yourself with Real World BA’s disclaimers and terms before reading, commenting on, downloading, copying, reproducing, altering materials of any kind, subscribing to, or linking to (in other words, “using”) this blog. Using and interacting with this blog indicates that you accept these terms. If you have a concern about any of these terms, please contact me prior to using this blog.

Please note that these policies may change at any time without notice. You are encouraged to occasionally review this page for updates.

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All of the content of the blog, except for comments made by readers, are the opinion of the author(s) and the author(s) alone. They do not represent the views or opinions of the author(s)’ family members, past/present/future employers, nor any organizations/businesses/institutions that the author(s) may be a part of.  (Basically, I’m not speaking for anyone else except myself. Please don’t assume anyone else holds the same opinions as I do.)

The content of this blog is intended to be helpful and is in no way intended to cause any harm. If you have any concerns about the content of this blog, please contact me. I take all claims that I may have harmed someone very seriously. That is not at all my intention. However, disagreeing with the content of this blog is not a sufficient reason to ask the author to remove or modify any part of this blog.

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