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Make Your Document’s Head and Feet Work Too

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Have you ever reviewed a printed version of a document and had to do a little work to figure out what you were looking at? Have you dropped a stack of papers and couldn’t figure out how they went back together? How do you know if you’re looking at the most current version of that document? All of these problems can be easily solved by using smart headers and footers.

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Process Flow Basics

There are various types of diagrams and techniques, some with more formal usage conventions than others. And there are some pretty slick tools that can help you simulate processes…but what if you don’t know how to use the formal techniques yet? What if you don’t have fancy tools?

You can still be very effective using two basic shapes and some arrows.

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What’s in a (File) Name?


Not everyone gives thought to document naming conventions but this is one small area where you can help to bring clarity and ease of use to the many documents you produce on a project. By providing a consistent and easy-to-understand method of naming documents, it will make it much easier to organize information and find the exact document you are looking for.

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