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Getting to those needs!

Sometimes the 28th Time’s a Charm

Remember, requirements are the what but not the how. And it’s our job as business analysts to help our clients remember that what we really need to understand is their what, and that it’s our job to find the how.

But sometimes you have to remind them of that.

And sometimes it takes 28 times.

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Q&A: Modifying an Existing System

Three things to consider when preparing for modifications to an existing system.

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5 Reminders For Kicking Off a New Project

Whew! This year has started off with a bang! Kicking off a large, strategic project has been refreshing – and has reminded me of some important lessons. So I thought I’d share 5 things I was reminded of over the past couple weeks and to get your thoughts on what I have coming up next.

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Engaging Project Stakeholders (Part 5) – Requirements Work Plan

Preparing the Requirements Work Plan gives you a chance to take a step back, analyze the scope of work, and determine the best techniques and approach to facilitating the requirements work.

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Engaging Project Stakeholders (Part 4) – The Requirements Kick Off

So, we’ve had the Project Kick Off and now it’s time to start digging in to those requirements, right? Not quite yet. While the Project Kick Off sets the overarching framework of what to expect, the Requirements Kick Off prepares stakeholders for what is happening right now.

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Requirements Defined (in just 24 letters)

Requirements Definition Jumble

How do you define requirements? A large portion of our job is learning, understanding and communicating requirements. But what are they exactly? If we don’t know how to easily define it, how will we know when we’ve got it? And how will we explain to our clients what we’re looking for? Requirements are…

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