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Planning…it’s not just for Project Managers.

Knowledge Transfer Tips – From The Departing Employee’s Side

Don’t waste a single day of your knowledge transfer time! Here are some tips when you are the departing employee.

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Q&A: Modifying an Existing System

Three things to consider when preparing for modifications to an existing system.

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5 Reminders For Kicking Off a New Project

Whew! This year has started off with a bang! Kicking off a large, strategic project has been refreshing – and has reminded me of some important lessons. So I thought I’d share 5 things I was reminded of over the past couple weeks and to get your thoughts on what I have coming up next.

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Stakeholder or Steakholder?

This week I wrapped up my 7-part series on Engaging Project Stakeholders. In the course of writing that series, I consistently spelled “stakeholders” incorrectly (thank goodness for spell check) and shared a tweet about it:

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Engaging Project Stakeholders (Part 6) – Change Management

Change Management is the process of identifying, analyzing, and deciding on modifications to your clients’ needs as they have been documented in your Requirements and/or Specification documents. Clearly defining the change management process in advance will help to keep your stakeholders engaged.

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Engaging Project Stakeholders (Part 5) – Requirements Work Plan

Preparing the Requirements Work Plan gives you a chance to take a step back, analyze the scope of work, and determine the best techniques and approach to facilitating the requirements work.

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7 Lessons a BA Can Learn From Playing Diner Dash

I love playing games of all kinds, but I particularly like Diner Dash® (and the entire genre of similar games) for a lot of reasons. What I didn’t think about was that the skills I was honing while playing hours of this game actually would benefit me as a Business Analyst.

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Engaging Project Stakeholders (Part 3) – The Project Kick Off

In the previous post of this series, I talked about performing stakeholder analysis and identifying who needs to be involved and when. And for those key stakeholders, the ones you’re going to be working with during most of the requirements, you’ll want to set the foundation right from the Project Kick Off.

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Engaging Project Stakeholders (Part 2) – Are You Getting RACI With Your Stakeholders?

Selecting Stakeholders

It doesn’t matter how well you engage your stakeholders if you don’t know who they are. Taking the time to ensure you have all the right stakeholders involved at the right level of participation is what Stakeholder Analysis is all about.

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