Monthly Archives: October 2010

Engaging Project Stakeholders (Part 1) – Why it matters

Do you ever feel like you’re working harder than you have to? Like you’re struggling to get a good rhythm on a project and you can’t figure out why requirements aren’t just flowing from your stakeholders? One key to efficiently moving through the process is finding a way to get and keep project stakeholders engaged so they are not only informed but also on-board with the tasks that lay ahead of you.

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The Role of a Business Analyst from 30,000 Feet

View from Airplane

Regardless of the type of project, no matter how big or small, it is important to understand the multi-faceted role of the business analyst and how you can add value from start to finish. So let’s take a look at the main project phases and a high level view of the responsibilities of a Real World BA™. The size and complexity of your project will dictate the level of formality and detail that is required in each step, but by considering each of these phases you can bring great value to your projects.

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Are Specifications Different From Requirements?


You might hear the entire package of deliverables that a business analyst is expected to deliver to be called “requirements”. However, I believe there are two distinct types of information that the business analyst is primarily responsible for delivering: requirements and specifications. And yes, while related, these are very different things.

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Requirements Defined (in just 24 letters)

Requirements Definition Jumble

How do you define requirements? A large portion of our job is learning, understanding and communicating requirements. But what are they exactly? If we don’t know how to easily define it, how will we know when we’ve got it? And how will we explain to our clients what we’re looking for? Requirements are…

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